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Tiwa Jatiya Aikya Manch


Tripura Ganatantrik Manch

Tripura Ganatantrik Manch is a splinter group of Janganotantrik Morcha, which itself is a splinter group of Communist Party of India in Tripura. The leader of Tripura Ganatantrik Manch is Ajoy Biswas. TGM participates in the Confederation of Indi ...


Tripura Hill People's Party


Tripura Peoples Front

Tripura Peoples Front is a regional NGO party in Tripura, India. It celebrated its third foundation day in July 2017. TPF is active in tribal areas.


Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee

The Tripura Pradesh Congress Committee is the unit of the Indian National Congress for the state of Tripura. The head office of the organization is Congress Bhawan, situated in Agartala. The president of the Tripura Congress is Shri Kirit Pradyot ...


Tripura Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee

The elected committee that directs the All India Mahila Congress in an Indian state is known as Pradesh Mahila Congress. It is elected by card-holding members of the Congress, the worlds largest political organisation, and in turn to elect State ...


Twipra Dophani Sikla Srwngnai Motha

Twipra Dophani Sikla Srwngnai Motha is a regional political party in Tripura, India lead by Sri. D Hamkhrai Twipra was founded in 28 October 2017 at Khumulwng, Kwtwi Kami of West Tripura. Twipra Nationalism, Social Unification among Twipra People ...


Twipra Students Federation

Twipra Students Federation, was formed as the Tribal Students Federation in 1968. During the years of its existence, TSF has been the main ethno-nationalist students organization amongst the tribal students of the state. TSF played an important r ...


United Democratic Peoples Front

The United Democratic Peoples Front was an electoral alliance in West Bengal, India, formed ahead of the 1957 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election. The front was composed of the Jana Sangh, the Hindu Mahasabha, the Revolutionary Communist Pa ...


United Left Front (1957)

The United Left Front was an electoral alliance in West Bengal, India, formed ahead of the 1957 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election. The front comprised the Socialist Unity Centre of India, the Bolshevik Party of India, the Democratic Vangu ...


United Left Front (1962)

The United Left Front was an electoral alliance in West Bengal, India, formed ahead of the 1962 West Bengal Legislative Assembly election. A key issue that provoked various left parties to join hands was the prevailing food crisis in the state. T ...


United Naga Democratic Party


United Peoples Party of Assam

United Peoples Party of Assam, was a political party in the Indian state of Assam. UPPA was an ally of Asom Gana Parishad and took part in an AGP-led government in the state. On 17 December 2000 UPPA merged with Samajwadi Party.


Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee

Uttar Pradesh Congress Committee or UP Congress is the Pradesh Congress Committee of the Indian National Congress serving in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Congress CWC Appointed Priyanka Gandhi as General Secretary of UP East Later, She has taken c ...


Uttar Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee

Template:All India Mahila Congress sidebar The elected Committee that directs all-India Mahila Congress in the Indian state of Rajasthan known as Mahila Congress ONK. It is elected by card-members of Congress, the worlds largest political organiz ...


Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Committee

Uttarakhand Pradesh Congress Committee is the Pradesh Congress Committee of the Indian National Congress, serving in the state of Uttarakhand. Incumbent president of the Uttarakhand PCC is Pritam Singh.


Uttarakhand Pradesh Mahila Congress Committee

Uttarakhand Pradesh Mahila Congress, is the Mahila Pradesh Congress Committee of the All India Mahila Congress serving in the state of Uttarakhand. The current President of Uttarakhand PMC Arya Sarita.


Uttarakhand Pradesh Minority Congress

Uttarakhand Pradesh Minority Congress is the political unit of the All India Minority Congress for the state of Uttarakhand. Its head office is situated in Dehradun at the Rajiv Bhawan. Incumbent President of the Uttarakhand Pradesh Minority Cong ...


Uttarakhand Youth Congress

The Uttarakhand Youth Congress is the state wing of the Indian Youth Congress, youth wing of Indian National Congress. Vikram Rawat is the President of Uttarakhand Youth Congress.


Uzhavar Uzhaippalar Katchi

Uzhavar Uzhaippalar Katchi, a political party in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.The president of UUK is K. Sellamuthu. UUK supported the National Democratic Alliance in the 2001 Tamil Nadu assembly elections. At the time, NDA in Tamil Nadu was do ...


Veer Birsa Dal

Veer Birsa Dal was an Adivasi political party in Bihar, India. It was one of several splinter groups that appeared 1967–1972, after the Jharkhand Party had merged into the Indian National Congress.


Vidarbha Vikas Party

Vidarbha Vikas Party, political party in the Indian state of Maharashtra. VVP works for the formation of a separate Vidarbha state in eastern Maharashtra.


Vivasayi Anbhu Katchi

Vivasayi Anbhu Katchi, is a political party in Tamil Nadu, India. It is participating in the state elections in Tamil Nadu in 2006.


Womanist Party of India

Womanist Party of India, is a political party in India. Its core issue is the emancipation of women. The WPI was founded in Mumbai on October 31, 2003. The WPI president is Varsha Kale. And the General Secretary is Avisha Kulkarni. The party deci ...


Yuva Sena

Yuva Sena is the youth wing of Shiv Sena in India. It was founded by Aditya Thackeray, son of Shiv Sena Paksha Pramukh Uddhav Thackeray and grandson of Shivsena founder Bal Thackeray, on 17th Oct. 2010 at Shiv Senas Dasara Melava.


Zoram Decentralisation Front


Zoram Reformation Front


Zoram Thar

Zoram Thar, was an Evangelist political party in Mizoram, India. Zoram Thar president was V.L. Nithanga. Zoram Thar contested the 1998 state assembly elections together with Mizo National Front Nationalist and Citizens Common Front.


Salawati Daud

Salawati Daud was an Indonesian politician and a member of the Communist Party of Indonesia. In 1945 she began publishing the magazine Wanita in Makassar, which had a circulation of 1.000. Salawati Daud was married to a government official from M ...


Bakri Wahab


Law enforcement in Indonesia

Law enforcement in Indonesia is mainly performed by the Indonesian National Police, together with other law enforcement agencies which are under the command of a certain ministry or State-owned company which perform policing duties for a certain ...


List of equipment of the Indonesian National Police


Police Meupep-pep

Police Meupep-pep is a program launched by The Regional Police of the Republic of Indonesia of Aceh on April 10, 2013 ago. Its presence can suppress the number of accidents on the highway and reduce the number of traffic violators. Until almost o ...



Mr. Raden Sastromoeljono was a lawyer and the acting mayor of Jakarta. He was a member of the Perhimpoenan Indonesia organization, and in 1945 was appointed as the member Investigating Committee for Preparatory Work for Independence.


Modern Medium Weight Tank

The Modern Medium Weight Tank, also known as the MMWT, is a collaborative tank program between Turkish manufacturer FNSS and Indonesian manufacturer PT Pindad. Names for this tank includes Kaplan MT, Harimau / Tiger.


2015 Sumatra Indonesian Air Force C-130 crash

On 30 June 2015, a Lockheed KC-130B Hercules belonging to the Indonesian Air Force with 12 crew and 110 passengers on board, crashed near a residential neighborhood shortly after taking off from Medan, Indonesia, en route to Tanjung Pinang. All a ...


2016 Indonesian Air Force C-130 crash

On 18 December 2016, an Indonesian Air Force Lockheed C-130H Hercules crashed on Mount Lisuwa while approaching Wamena Airport in Wamena, Papua, Indonesia. The aircraft, which was flying a co-pilot training mission, was carrying twelve crew membe ...


Avro Anson RI-003

. Avro Anson RI-003 is a twin-engined, multi-role aircraft made by the British manufacturer Avro, and the third aircraft owned by the government of the Republic of Indonesia. The aircraft was purchased in early December 1947, was given RI-003 reg ...


Jupiter Aerobatic Team

The Jupiter Aerobatic Team is the current Indonesian Air Force aerobatic display team flying with six KT-1B Wongbee aircraft painted in red and white. The team is drawn from the Skadik 102, Adisucipto International Airport, Yogyakarta. The Jupite ...


17th Airborne Raider Infantry Brigade

The 17th Raider Infantry Brigade / Kujang I is a Brigade level unit in the 1st Kostrad Infantry Division, a branch of the Indonesian Army. The Raiders Brigade consists of three battalions: Airborne Raider Infantry Battalion 330 / Tri Dharma. Airb ...


Airborne Raider Infantry Battalion 305 / Skull

Airborne Raider Infantry Battalion 305th / Skull is an Indonesian Army unit. It is one of the three Battalions of the Raiders in the 17th Airborne Raider Infantry Brigade, 1st Kostrad Infantry Division. This Infantry Battalion was established on ...


Commander of Army Strategic Command (Indonesia)

The Commander of Army Strategic Command is the highest position of Army Strategic Command or Kostrad. Kostrad falls under the army chief of staff for training, personnel, and administration. Commander of Army Strategic Command is considered as pa ...


Garuda Shield

Garuda Shield is a two-week joint-exercise between the United States Army and Indonesian Army. The purposes of this joint-exercise is to enhance and enrich the jungle warfare ability of both U.S. Army and Indonesian Army. This joint-exercise took ...


Indonesian Army Doctrine, Education and Training Development Command

Indonesian Army Doctrine, Education and Training Development Command is an Indonesian Army Principal Command which is directly under the office of the Chief of Staff of the Army and located in Bandung, West Java. Its principal responsibility is t ...


Indonesian Army Intelligence Centre

The Army Intelligence Center is one of Central Executive Agencies under Army HQ and reported to Chief of Staff of the Army. Pusintelad is in charge of army intelligence activities to support the armys main duties.


Indonesian Womens Army Corps

The Womens Army Corps is the official administrative formation of women in active service in the combat, combat support and service support formations of the Indonesian Army.


Jenderal besar

Jenderal besar, translated literally as "grand general", was the highest rank of the Army of Indonesia. Within the Indonesian Armed Forces ranking system, jenderal besar is the equivalent of laksamana besar and marsekal besar. Those ranks are hon ...


Kodam XIII/Merdeka

Komando Daerah Militer XIII / Merdeka is a Defense Regional Military Command which is responsible for the defense of the provinces of North Sulawesi, Gorontalo and Central Sulawesi. It;s regional commander is currently Major General TNI Santos Gu ...


Kodam XVI/Pattimura

Komando Daerah Militer XVI/ Pattimura is the Defense Regional Command which contains Province North Maluku and Maluku. The territorial area of Kodam XVI / Pattimura covers 2 Provinces, namely North Maluku Province and Maluku Province and 20 Regen ...


Kodam XVIII/Kasuari

Komando Daerah Militer XVIII/ Kasuari, is the Defense Regional Command in West Papua Province, which was created in 2016 with the division of parts of Kodam XVII/Cenderawasih which is located in Jayapura, Papua Province.

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