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2nd Legion Tercio "Duke of Alba"

The 2nd Legion Tercio "Duke of Alba" is an infantry regiment of the Spanish Legion. Its headquarters is in Ceuta and commands the IV Spanish Legion Bandera" Cristo de Lepanto”.


2nd Tactical Wing

The 2nd Tactical Wing is a wing in the Air Component of the Belgian Armed Forces at Florennes air force base in the Southern French speaking part of Belgium near the city of Dinant. It comprises the 1st Squadron and the 350th Squadron of the Air ...


3rd Legion Tercio "Don Juan de Austria"

The 3rd Legion Tercio "Don Juan de Austria" is a regiment of the Spanish Legion. Its headquarters are in Almeria. The 3rd Tercio "Don Juan of Austria", of the Spanish Legion was created on 1 January 1940 in Spanish Protectorate of Morocco.


4th Group CIS


4th Logistics Battalion (Belgium)


4th Rapid Deployment Brigade (Czech Republic)

The 4th Rapid Deployment Brigade is a brigade of the Army of the Czech Republic. It is assigned to the NATO Allied Rapid Reaction Corps but falls under the organizational control of 1 Armoured Division when required. Units from the brigade have d ...


5th Group CIS


6th Group CIS

The men and women from the 6 Gp CIS enable special operations by installing, operating and maintaining secured CIS at Strat, Ops and Tac level during Overt and Covert operations or as SOF Special Operations Force Enablers which means:" following ...


7th Blackshirt Division (Cirene)

The Italian 7th Blackshirt Division Cirene was an Italian CCNN Blackshirt militia unit formed for the Second Italo-Abyssinian War under the command of Lt. Gen. Guido Scandolara. The division was deployed in Libya during the war against Abyssinia ...


8th Logistics Battalion (Belgium)


14th Air Defence Artillery Regiment (Belgium)

The 14th Air Defence Artillery Regiment is an air defence artillery regiment in the Land Component of the Belgian Armed Forces. It is the successor of the 14th Regiment of Artillery.


14th Armored Brigade (Turkey)

The 14th Armored Brigade, also known as Tunç Kıslası, is a brigade of the Turkish Army based in Northern Cyprus at the town of Degirmenlik in Nicosia. It is part of the Aegean Army Cyprus Turkish Peace Force II.Corps based at TRNC.


18th Logistics Battalion (Belgium)


19th Special Operations Group "Maderal Oleaga"

The 19th Special Operations Group "Caballero Legionario Maderal Oleaga", GOE XIX, is one of the 4 currently existing Special Operations Groups and so is subordinated to the Special Operations Command. It was the former Special Forces unit of the ...


28th Air Detachment

28th Air Detachment is an agency, subordinated to the Bulgarian government, which provides air transport for the President, Prime Minister and other high-ranking state officials.


40th Squadron Heli (Belgium)

The 40th Squadron Heli is a helicopter squadron of the Belgian Air Force based at Koksijde Air Base. It is dedicated to search and rescue operations. It operates four NH90 NFH helicopters. Before the arrival of the NH90 NFH the squadron operated ...


51st Logistics Battalion (Belgium)


80th UAV Squadron (Belgium)

The 80th UAV Squadron is a squadron in the Air Component of the Belgian Armed Forces. It is dedicated to unmanned aerial vehicles or UAVs. It is organised like a wing and consists of a Flight Group, a Maintenance Group and a Support Group.


224th Coastal Division (Italy)

The 224th Coastal Division was an infantry division of the Italian Army during World War II. The division was located on the French city of Nice. The division was formed from units of the regular army, from the 1st and 3rd Alpine Groups. Normally ...


752 Squadron (Portugal)

Activated on November 30, 1977, along with its sister 751 Squadron, the 752 Sqn. was the direct successor of the 42 Squadron, which had been activated in the beginning of that year and was later disbanded leading to the creation of the 752 Squadr ...


Aeroterrestrial Support Battalion

The Batalhão de Apoio Aeroterrestre, based at the ETP - Escola de Tropas Paraquedistas, in Tancos is a special operational unit of the Rapid Reaction Brigade of the Portuguese Army. Like all Airborne units in the Portuguese military, these soldie ...


15th Air Transport Wing

The 15th Air Transport Wing is a wing in the Air Component of the Belgian Armed Forces. The wing comprises two operational squadrons, the 21st Squadron and the 20th Squadron, and a Training & Conversion Unit. 21st Squadron is also known as the Li ...


Army Police (Portugal)

The Army Police, usually called the Lanceiros, is the military police of the Portuguese Army - formerly designated as Policia Militar between 1953 and 1976. In the Portuguese Army it is a speciality of the Cavalry Arm, being the instruction and o ...


Artemis 30

The Artemis 30 is an anti-aircraft gun system originally developed in 1982 and produced by the Hellenic Arms designed by Anastasios Georgiou and Athanassios Calligeris, Ph.D. Designer lots parts of twin barrels for use by the Greek armed forces i ...


Artillery Battalion (Belgium)

The Artillery Battalion is the only artillery battalion in the Land Component of the Belgian Armed Forces. It was created in 2010 by merging all artillery units that remained in the Belgian military. It upholds the traditions of the disbanded 2nd ...


Assistant Chief of Staff Operations and Training

The Assistant Chief of Staff Operations and Training, abbreviated as ACOS Ops & Trg, is the head of the Staff Department for Operations and Training of the Belgian Ministry of Defence. He reports to the Chief of Defence and is responsible for the ...


BK-3 Helmet

The BK-3 is a Croatian Combat helmet produced by Sestan-Busch, and is the standard combat helmet of the Croatian Armed Forces. It is also widely exported to many NATO and Middle Eastern customers. The BK-3 replaced the Sestan-Busch BK-9, which wa ...


Boletice Military Training Area

The Boletice Military Training Area is a military training area of the Czech Republic. It is located on 22.000 hectares of land in the southwest of the country, in the Sumava Mountains.


TCG Buyukada

TCG Buyukada is the second ship of the Ada-class ASW corvettes of the Turkish Navy. TCG Buyukada was named after Buyukada Island. Buyukada Island is part of the Prince Islands archipelago in the Sea of Marmara, to the southeast of Istanbul. Its s ...


Camp Norway

When Hitler invaded Norway, the Norwegian whaling ships were at sea and eventually got re-directed to Halifax. During the spring and summer of 1940, seven factory ships and 22 or 23 whale catchers with upwards of 2.000 men on board arrived in Hal ...



Choragiew was the basic administrative unit of the Polish cavalry from the 14th century. An alternative name until the 17th century was Rota. Between the 14th and 17th century the Choragiew was composed of smaller sub-units – the Poczet. Types of ...


RK-3 Corsar

The RK-3 "Corsar" is a Ukrainian anti-tank guided missile being tested for the Ukrainian Ground Forces. 25 July 2013, "Luch" has conducted a live firing test of its new antitank missile system" Corsar” at a firing range near Kiev. In November 201 ...


Spanish submarine Delfin (S61)

Delfin is a Daphne -class submarine, formerly in service with the Spanish Navy, and now a museum ship in Torrevieja, as part of the Museo del Mar y de la Sal.


Flik 14

Flik 14, later Flik 14J was an air company of the Imperial and Royal Aviation Troops. The company used Phonix II D aircraft.


French naval base of Djibouti


Fusil ametrallador Oviedo

In 1943, Francoist Spain ordered 7.92×57mm Mauser ZB vz. 30 machine guns to the German-occupied Zbrojovka Brno but received only 100 guns. It was decided to produce a copy in Oviedo. The first prototype was built in 1951 and production began. 10. ...


Spanish submarine Galerna

Galerna is an Agosta -class submarine of the Spanish Navy, currently in service. She was built by Bazan at Cartagena, Spain. Galerna was launched on 5 November 1981 and commissioned on 21 January 1983. Over the course of her career Galerna had ta ...


Spanish ship Galicia (L51)

Galicia is a Galicia -class landing platform dock of the Spanish Navy and is the seventh ship to bear this name. She is the lead ship in her class.


HNoMS Start

The Taube was first constructed in 1909-1910 by Austrian Igo Etrich and later developed into a two-seater military aircraft in 1912. Many Taubes were built under licence by a wide array of manufacturers but most were produced by the Rumpler Flugz ...



Hvalsmoen was the site of a former military camp to the north of Honefoss in Ringerike, Norway. In 1893, the Norwegian Parliament resolved to establish a military training camp to train engineer troops for the national Army. The camp was the base ...


I Corps (Grande Armee)

The corps was rebuilt in 1815 during the Hundred Days, and was assigned to General Jean-Baptiste Drouet, under whom it fought at the Battle of Waterloo.


II Corps (Grande Armee)

The corps was headed by General Honore Charles Reille in 1815 and took part in the Battle of Waterloo.


Karelia Brigade

Karelia Brigade is one of the three Finnish Army readiness brigades. It is currently based at Valkeala. With some three thousand soldiers it is the second largest brigade in Finland. It is the only Finnish brigade providing training in all Army b ...


Lieutenant en second

Lieutenant en second was a junior officer rank in the French Royal Army prior to the French Revolution. Like most of the officer ranks in the Royal Army, it was dominated by nobles. High-ranking nobles entering military service during their teena ...


Logistic Regiment (Denmark)

The Logistic Regiment is the military logistics regiment of the Royal Danish Army, responsible for army supply and emergency medical personnel. It is based in Aalborg.



The M85 Is a more modern helmet and has a smaller rear/ear guard. Some M85 were made of Kevlar giving the wearer much more protection. These helmets were the main helmets of separatist fighters in the Yugoslav Wars.


Maritime Prefect

The Prefet maritime is a servant of the French State who exercises authority over the sea in one particular region. As a civil servant, he reports to the Prime Minister. But the Maritime Prefect is simultaneously charged of military operations, a ...


Meteorological Wing

The Meteorological Wing is a wing in the Air Component of the Belgian Armed Forces. It is responsible for providing meteorological information and training.


Military history of Austria

The Military Frontier was an important way in which Austria defended itself against the Ottomans. The following shown below is a history of the Austrian military history. From 1804 to 1867, the Imperial and Royal Army Kaiserlich-konigliche Armee, ...


HMS Minona

The SY Minona was a Steam Yacht built before World War I. At the outbreak of the Second World War she was requisitioned by the Royal Navy and later became the flagship for the Commander of His Majestys Rescue Tug Service and was moored at their p ...

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