ⓘ Abrakurrie Cave is a wild cave on the Nullarbor Plain in Western Australia. It is located about 48 kilometres north west of Eucla and is reported to have the la ..


ⓘ Abrakurrie Cave

Abrakurrie Cave is a wild cave on the Nullarbor Plain in Western Australia. It is located about 48 kilometres north west of Eucla and is reported to have the largest single cave chamber in the southern hemisphere, and that stencils in the cave are the deepest penetration of Aboriginal art of any cave system in Australia.

Visits to the cave occurred as early as the 1880s.

The cave was explored by an expedition led by Captain J. M. Thompson in 1935. The explorers described a cave that was 1.200 feet 366 m in length, 160 feet 49 m wide and 150 feet 46 m deep. After progressing a further 250 feet 76 m the group found the passage forked into two passages one of which continued a further 1.500 feet 457 m leading to a huge cavern.

Photographs of the cave were published after the 1935 expedition.

It was a well documented cave by the 1960s.

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