ⓘ Alexander Island, Fitzroy River. Alexander Island in the Kimberley region of Western Australia is the area of land between the two arms of the Fitzroy River fro ..

Alexander Island (Fitzroy River)

ⓘ Alexander Island (Fitzroy River)

Alexander Island in the Kimberley region of Western Australia is the area of land between the two arms of the Fitzroy River from where the river splits, about 10 kilometres south of Fitzroy Crossing, to where the arms merge about 80 kilometres south-west of Fitzroy Crossing.

  • an island in the Collie River Western Australia Alexander Island Fitzroy River an island in the Fitzroy River Western Australia Alexander Island Houtman
  • The Fitzroy River also known to the local Aboriginal people as Raparapa, is located in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia. It has 20 tributaries
  • Victoria Fitzroy County one of the cadastral divisions of New South Wales Fitzroy Island National Park, Queensland Fitzroy Islands Tasmania Fitzroy River Queensland
  • nine councillors represent the whole of the Shire. Cockatoo Island Camballin Derby Looma Fitzroy Crossing Noonkanbah Yungngora Community John McLarty, West
  • Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site at the junction of the Parramatta and Lane Cove River in Sydney Harbour, New South Wales, Australia. Cockatoo
  • that point, his empire stretched from the Adriatic Sea to the Beas River Alexander endeavoured to reach the ends of the world and the Great Outer Sea
  • stretched over some 4, 600 square miles 12, 000 km2 from Fitzroy Crossing in the west to Margaret River Stations 150 miles to the east. Their heartland lay
  • the islands are Slain Island Tooth Island Roundbush Island Moonboom Island Gardner Island Dream Island Stewart Island and the Reef Islands all
  • The Fitzroy Iron Works at Mittagong, New South Wales, was the first commercial iron smelting works in Australia. It first operated in 1848. From 1848
  • Island one of the Aru Islands of Indonesia Gupo Island an island in Penghu County, Taiwan Fitzroy Island Queensland originally Koba, an island off
  • Benjamin Keen, Alexander von Humboldt in Encyclopedia of Mexico. Chicago: Fitzroy Dearborn 1997, p. 664. Schwarz, Ingo 2001 - 01 - 01 Alexander von Humboldt s
  • and March. Heavy flooding occurred in 1875 with the Dawson, Fitzroy Mary and Burdekin Rivers rising up to 60 feet 18 m in a few hours. The waters washed
  • Reitsma Parkette Fitzroy Provincial Park Open Space 91 95 Chats Rd Fitzroy Harbour Community Centre and Campbell Bicentennial Park River Park Galetta
  • list of rivers of Australia. Rivers are ordered alphabetically, by state. The same river may be found in more than one state as many rivers cross state
  • Carsonby Kars Manotick Reevecraig North Gower Watterson Corners Antrim Fitzroy Harbour Galetta Kinburn Marathon Marathon Village Marshall Bay Mohr Corners
  • Road, Boort - Yando Road, Canary Island - Leaghur Road, Appin South Road, Hewitt Road and Wood Lane. In Kerang the river is crossed by the Old Kerang Road
  • Auckland Battalion of Militia, second in command to the Governor, Robert FitzRoy as Colonel. Construction of an ambitious fieldwork for two militia companies
  • the Dampier Peninsula and along the Fitzroy River Bunuban languages, including languages spoken in the Fitzroy River Basin Worrorran languages, including
  • Sympiesometer, a kind of mercury - free barometer patented by Alexander Adie which was favoured by FitzRoy as giving the accurate readings required by the Admiralty
  • singer Clement Dodd, Studio One music studio Ricardo Gardner Di Genius Fitzroy Gordon, Jamaican - Canadian radio executive and broadcaster George William
  • Mapoon: The Cape York Aluminium Companies and the Native Peoples, 3, Fitzroy Victoria: International Development Action, ISBN 978 - 0 - 9598588 - 4 - 6CS1
  • to prevent Britain from claiming the title to the Islands and Spain agreed. In 1493 Pope Alexander VI issued a Papal bull, Inter caetera, dividing the
  • three rivers contained within it: the Pine River which empties into Bramble Bay, and its tributaries, the North Pine River and South Pine River Two large

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