ⓘ Bernier Island is one of three islands that comprise the Bernier and Dorre Island Nature Reserve in the Shark Bay World Heritage area in Western Australia. It w ..

Bernier Island

ⓘ Bernier Island

Bernier Island is one of three islands that comprise the Bernier and Dorre Island Nature Reserve in the Shark Bay World Heritage area in Western Australia.

It was a lock hospital location in the early 1900s.

It is located at the north-western corner of the World Heritage area, almost due west of Carnarvon, Western Australia. The 2.6 hectares 6 acres Koks Island is offshore from the lighthouse at its northern end. It is separated from Dorre Island to its south by a 500 metres 1.640 ft gap with a depth of 4 m 13 ft.

The island is home to one of the few remaining colonies of the Banded Hare-wallaby Lagostrophus fasciatus and the endangered species of mouse Pseudomys fieldi, known as djoongari or the Shark Bay mouse, of which there is an estimated 5.000 to 9.000 individuals.

  • Dorre Island is one of three islands that make up the Bernier and Dorre Island Nature Reserve in the Shark Bay World Heritage area in Western Australia
  • voyages in his ship the CGS Arctic and officially claimed the islands for Canada. Bernier retrieved documents that had been stored in caches by earlier
  • Bernier Bay is an Arctic waterway in the Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is located in the Gulf of Boothia, northwest of Baffin Island
  • on Bernier Island leaving it severely endangered. In 2003 the Australian Wildlife Conservancy AWC released some Shark Bay mice onto Faure Island in
  • the western half of the continent but is now confined to Bernier Island and Dorre Island Islands off Western Australia. Although once widespread in the
  • Peggy Bernier 19 March 1907 5 March 2001 was an American comedian and film actress who was popular in the 1920s and 1930s. Bernier was born in 1907
  • One of the uninhabited Baffin Island offshore island groups, the Lavoie Islands are located at the head of the Bernier Bay, approximately 80 km 50 mi
  • The Geographe Channel is an arm of the Indian Ocean between Bernier Island and Dorre Island to the west and the mainland of Western Australia to the
  • Bernier s teal Anas bernieri also known as Madagascar teal, is a species of duck in the genus Anas. It is endemic to Madagascar, where it is found
  • currently found on the Islands of Bernier and Dorre off western Australia. A small population has recently been established on Faure Island and it appears to
  • Carle Bernier - Genest is a Canadian politician, who was a Montreal City Councillor for the Marie - Victorin ward in the borough of Rosemont La Petite - Patrie
  • Carnarvon and the surrounding Shire of Gascoyne - Minilya. Bernier Island Dorre Island and Koks Island were included in the shire on 3 December 1982. The Shire
  • between the North West Cape and Carnarvon, Western Australia and on Bernier Island Wilson, S. Doughty, P. Ford, S. Melville, J. 2017 Ctenophorus
  • There is a replica in the Shark Bay Discovery Centre in Denham. Bernier and Dorre islands in the north - west corner of the heritage area are among the last - remaining
  • by drummer Vincent Domini Menagerie DJ Automaton and guitarist Aubree Bernier - Clarke Half - Seas - Over They were soon joined by guitarist Torrence Stratton
  • euthanasia. Today the disease is confined to Bernier Island and captive populations sourced from Bernier Island The disease has restricted the translocation
  • Ponce, 1989. Bernier - Grand et al., pp. 8 9 Bernier - Grand et al., pp. 10 11 Bernier - Grand et al., p. 12 Bernier - Grand et al., p. 15 Bernier - Grand et al
  • battalion, the French naval captain Bernier has fallen in love with Arianna, a beautiful girl from the nearby island of Corfu. However, he has not heard
  • withdrawal from it in January 2008. On 31 January 2008, David Bernier who at the moment was the island s Secretary of Recreation and Sports, accepted to become
  • of Nova Scotia and 6th Prime Minister of Canada d.1915 July 6 Henri Bernier politician, businessman and manufacturer d.1893 August 13 Philip Carteret
  • from the Popular Democratic Party PPD David Bernier obtaining 41.76 of the votes against 38.92 for Bernier Most notably, the two independent candidates
  • This is a list of the islands in the Shark Bay area of the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia, between 24 30 0 and 26 30 0 S, and 112 0 0 and 114 30 0
  • Passage, from east to west, in command of JE Bernier II, a sailing boat of 10.5 meters. The JE Bernier II remains the smallest vessel to have made the
  • fellow hogs. Minor is just human enough to have his head turned by Clytia Bernier a beautiful girl living in the nearby village. However, if Minor s lack

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