ⓘ Borden, Western Australia. Borden is a small town in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. The town is located 325 kilometres south east of the state ..

Borden, Western Australia

ⓘ Borden, Western Australia

Borden is a small town in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. The town is located 325 kilometres south east of the state capital, Perth and 111 kilometres north of Albany on Chester Pass Road. At the 2006 census, Borden and the surrounding area had a population of 164.

The town was established as a siding on the railway line between Gnowangerup and Ongerup and is named after Canadian Prime Minister Robert Laird Borden. The railway opened for business on 6 January 1913 and closed on 13 October 1957.

The area near Paper Collar Creek near where the town stands was a meeting point for sandalwood cutters in the 1840s for when they used to head to the port at Albany.

In 1916, 250 acres 100 ha of land was set aside for a townsite. Although the site had not been surveyed J.G. Jenkins had already erected the first building containing dwelling, dining, refreshment and assembly rooms. Another man, J. Copeland was also constructing a building at this time. A telephone connection with Gnowangerup had also been established and mail was being received twice a week by train.

The local Agricultural Hall, constructed of Jarrah and cast iron, was opened in 1928 by the Minister of Lands, Mr. Michael H. Troy. Local members Mr. H. Stewart MLC and Mr. C. Wittenoom MLA were also present.

The main industry in town is wheat farming with the town being a Cooperative Bulk Handling receival site. The receival bins are able to handle 170.000 tonnes 167.315 long tons of grain during harvest times. In 2017 the receival site was inundated with floodwaters following a heavy rain event. The harvest had been a new record so that large amounts of grain were stored in overflow bins.

  • Borden may refer to: Borden Western Australia Borden Saskatchewan Borden Ontario, a Canadian Forces base located in Ontario Borden - Carleton, Prince
  • Sir Robert Laird Borden GCMG PC KC June 26, 1854  June 10, 1937 was a Canadian lawyer and politician who served as the eighth prime minister of Canada
  • Amelup is a small town in the Great Southern region of Western Australia located on Chester Pass Road. At the 2016 census Amelup recorded a population
  • the Great Southern Region of Western Australia situated at the intersection of the South Coast Highway and the Borden - Bremer Bay Road. The townsite
  • is a range of mountains and hills in the Great Southern region of Western Australia 337 km south - east of Perth. It is over 60 km 37 mi wide from west
  • remnant woodland and feed in native shrublands. IBA: East Borden Birdata. Birds Australia Archived from the original on 6 July 2011. Retrieved 19 June
  • The Borden Classic was a golf tournament on the LPGA Tour from 1965 to 1978. It was played at several courses in the Columbus, Ohio area. Borden Classic
  • This is a list of Towns of Western Australia In Australia towns are commonly understood to be centres of population not formally declared to be cities
  • councillors. Gnowangerup Amelup Borden Cowalellup Mindarabin Monjebup Nalyerlup Ongerup Pallinup Stirling Range National Park Australian Bureau of Statistics 27
  • Football Association is an Australian rules football competition based in the Great Southern region of rural Western Australia It was formed in 1962 with
  • Paris peace talks determined to enhance Australian security by annexing the former German New Guinea. Borden was preoccupied with maintaining, as the
  • Major roads in rural Western Australia connect regional and remote centres of Western Australia forming the basis of the road network outside of Metropolitan
  • Pallinup River is a river located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia The Pallinup rises 10 km southeast of Broomehill, and flows in a
  • Tambellup, Dartnall, Toolbrunup, Pallinup, Gnowangerup, Formby, Kebaringup, Borden Laurier, Toompup and Ongerup. Water supply for the trains was provided
  • list of schools in the state of Western Australia located outside the Perth metropolitan area. The Western Australian education system traditionally consists
  • located near the towns of Amelup and Borden in the Great Southern region of Western Australia It is one of Australia s few working traditional windmills
  • Melbourne Water Reservoirs Sydney Dam levels and statistics Dams of Western Australia SE Queensland Dam Levels Lake Awoonga, Via Benaraby near Gladstone
  • This is a list of former Australian Rules Football competitions in the Australian state of Western Australia Eastern Districts Football Carnival Held
  • This is a list of clubs that play Australian rules football in Western Australia at the senior level. A Grade A Reserves Fremantle C.B.C Football Club
  • control of the brand. Formerly, Peters in Western Australia exported ice - creams to Japan where it was called Lady Borden and New Zealand where it was called
  • the genus Acacia and the subgenus Phyllodineae that is endemic to western Australia The low spreading shrub typically grows to a height of 0.1 to 0.5
  • Film The West Australian 50 9, 936 Western Australia 4 May 1934. p. 3. Retrieved 27 July 2017 via National Library of Australia By, D. W. 1934

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