ⓘ Beaufort Inlet, Western Australia. Beaufort Inlet also locally known as Pallinup Estuary is an inlet located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia a ..


ⓘ Beaufort Inlet, Western Australia

Beaufort Inlet also locally known as Pallinup Estuary is an inlet located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia about 130 kilometres east of Albany.

The inlet functions mostly as a result of wave energy and is a wave dominated estuary. The estuary is in a highly modified condition as a result of substantial clearing within the catchment and is eutrophied and prone to fish kills.

Covering a total area of 5.5 square kilometres 2 sq mi, with the central basin having an area of 4.2 square kilometres 2 sq mi the inlet is fed with waters from the Pallinup River Salt River. The inlet holds a volume of 6.500.000 cubic metres 229.545.334 cu ft and is enclosed by a 500 metres 1.640 ft long sandbar that opens periodically at intervals of several years.

  • Queensland Beaufort South Australia Beaufort Victoria Beaufort Inlet an inlet located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia Beaufort Range
  • The estuaries of Western Australia also known as the Inlets of Western Australia are located along the coastline of Western Australia The coastline can
  • commonly known as Beaufort Inlet mallee, is a species of mallee that is endemic to a small area on the south coast of Western Australia It has smooth
  • passing through Kybelup Pool and discharging into the Southern Ocean via Beaufort Inlet The river is one of the longest rivers in the region and its tributaries
  • Queen Anne s Revenge and his sloop Adventure, aground near present - day Beaufort Inlet NC. The Queen Anne s Revenge was added to the National Register of
  • Stephen Hopper from a specimen collected by Brooker on the north side of Beaufort Inlet in 1984. This eucalypt is only known from the type location where it
  • Bay, Western Australia Cockburn Sound, Western Australia Denham Sound, part of Shark Bay in Western Australia King George Sound at Albany, Western Australia
  • orchid occurs in the area between the Fitzgerald National Park and the Beaufort Inlet in the Esperance Plains biogeographic region where it grows in woodland
  • E. megacornuta is very similar in appearance to the closely related Beaufort Inlet Mallee Eucalyptus newbeyi and Burdett s mallee Eucalyptus burdettiana
  • A number of aircraft were built under licence in Australia before the war s end, notably the Beaufort and Beaufighter, although the majority of aircraft
  • soils in coastal areas between the Fitzgerald River National Park and Beaufort Inlet Caladenia longicauda subsp. borealis Hopper A.P.Br. daddy - long - legs
  • The Swan Coastal Plain in Western Australia is the geographic feature which contains the Swan River as it travels west to the Indian Ocean. The coastal
  • Towerrinning Lake is a permanent brackish lake in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia located approximately 32 km 20 mi south of Darkan, 44 km 27 mi
  • part of its range, it is found in an area bounded by Jarrahdale and Beaufort Inlet south of 31 S north to from Woorooloo and on or east of the Darling
  • disaster remembered Australian Mining. Retrieved 12 January 2016. Yachting Disaster. Craft Founders at Wilson s Inlet Western Mail. Perth, WA. 11 November
  • This is a list of rivers of Australia Rivers are ordered alphabetically, by state. The same river may be found in more than one state as many rivers
  • Banksia dryandroides ranges near the south coast of Western Australia from Narrikup to Beaufort Inlet It grows in clay - loam, sandy loam or gravel - based
  • three substantial inlets on the north Australian coast, the Joseph Bonaparte Gulf, Beagle Gulf and the Van Diemen Gulf. The Australian city of Darwin which
  • stocks of Bowhead Whales. These include: 1 the Western Arctic stock in the Bering, Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, 2 the Hudson Bay and Foxe Basin stock, 3
  • mudflats of Cook Inlet in Alaska are a popular location for these animals to spend the first few months of summer. In the eastern Beaufort Sea, female belugas

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