ⓘ Coral Bay, Western Australia. Coral Bay is a small town on the coast of Western Australia, 1.200 kilometres north of Perth. The main industries are tourism and ..

Coral Bay, Western Australia

ⓘ Coral Bay, Western Australia

Coral Bay is a small town on the coast of Western Australia, 1.200 kilometres north of Perth. The main industries are tourism and fishing. The electricity for the town is provided by a wind-diesel hybrid system.

The Ningaloo Reef is a popular diving and snorkelling site with a large variety of coral and fish life and is one of the best places to see whale sharks and manta rays. The migration of the humpback whales is also viewable from June to October.

The first Europeans to visit the area were the crew of the schooner Maud that landed in 1884. By 1896 a townsite reserve was gazetted to preserve the local jetty and storage facility. In 1915 the town was officially named "Mauds Landing"; it played a pivotal role in the development of the North West region acting as a supply depot for ingoing and outgoing goods. Coral Bay was formally settled much later in 1968 and was named after a hotel that had been established in the area.

  • Coral Bay may mean: Coral Bay Western Australia Coral Bay United States Virgin Islands, a town on the Island of St. John Coral Bay Cyprus
  • Minilya Exmouth Road. Coral Bay Road is a main east - west road in the northern Gascoyne, connecting the coastal town of Coral Bay with Minilya Exmouth Road
  • Geraldton, and Kalbarri Gascoyne Coast Carnarvon, Coral Bay Denham, Exmouth and the Coral Coast Coral Coast at the northern end of the Gascoyne Coast
  • Kuri Bay Wallal Cape Preston Carnarvon North West Cape Kalbarri Jurien Fremantle Mandurah Cape Leeuwin Bremer Bay Israelite Bay Eucla Western Australia has
  • the coral reefs that develop in tropical and subtropical waters, such as the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland, Australia Other corals do
  • Western Port, commonly but unofficially known as Western Port Bay is a large tidal bay in southern Victoria, Australia opening into Bass Strait. It
  • Bay Territory. Northern Territory Queensland s East Coast, from Townsville southwards Far North Queensland South Australia Tasmania Victoria Western Australia
  • Jervis Bay Territory were within New South Wales, and Coral Sea Islands was part of Queensland. Ashmore and Cartier Islands was accepted by Australia in 1934
  • Western Australia It is located in the north west of Western Australia and consists of the local government areas of Carnarvon, Exmouth, Shark Bay and
  • The Battle of Coral Balmoral 12 May  6 June 1968 was a series of actions fought during the Vietnam War between the 1st Australian Task Force 1 ATF
  • scientific name in 2006. It is found at rocky reefs off Western Australia between Bremer Bay and Coral Bay at depths down to 106 metres 348 ft It is a medium - large
  • small Australian coastal town in the Shire of Coorow. The town is situated between Geraldton and Perth in the Mid West region of Western Australia along
  • Australia is the world s largest coral reef complex, the Great Barrier Reef. The large and mountainous island of Tasmania, also a State of Australia
  • access into islands and bays Other dangers include disease, destructive fishing practices and warming oceans. Factors that affect coral reefs include the ocean s
  • King George Sound is the name of a sound on the south coast of Western Australia Originally named King George the Third s Sound, it was referred to as
  • This is a list of fish recorded from the Coral Sea, bordering Australia Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. This list comprises locally used
  • The Coral Sea Marine Park previously known as the Coral Sea Commonwealth Marine Reserve is an Australian marine park located in the Coral Sea off the
  • Collie Condingup Congelin Cookernup Coolgardie Coolup Coomberdale Coorow Coral Bay Corrigin Cossack abandoned Cowaramup Cowcowing Cranbrook Crossman Cuballing
  • Baldchin groper Coral Bay to Geographe Bay Western Australia Coris auricularis Valenciennes, 1839 Western king wrasse Coral Bay to Recherche Archipelago
  • a major industrial port in the Pilbara region in the northwest of Western Australia It is located near the city of Karratha and Port Walcott. Dampier
  • half a kilometre offshore in some areas, such as Coral Bay In 2006, researchers from the Australian Institute of Marine Science discovered gardens of

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