ⓘ Bonnie Vale, Western Australia. The town was gazetted in 1897. It was apparently named after Bonnie, a prospector who picked up a 7 oz troy 220 g nugget here in ..

Bonnie Vale, Western Australia

ⓘ Bonnie Vale, Western Australia

The town was gazetted in 1897. It was apparently named after Bonnie, a prospector who picked up a 7 oz troy 220 g nugget here in May/June 1894.

It is famous as the site of the Varischetti mine rescue of 1907, when Italian gold miner Modesto Varischetti was trapped for nine days in a mine when it was flooded after a thunderstorm. Varischetti survived in an air pocket until rescued. A diver using deep-sea diving equipment located Varischetti five days after the mine was flooded, and provided him with food, candles and letters of encouragement.

It serves as the railway station for Coolgardie on the Prospector Perth to Kalgoorlie passenger service.

  • Bonnievale may refer to: Bonnievale, Western Cape, a village in South Africa Bonnie Vale Western Australia an abandoned townsite in Australia
  • rescue at nearby Bonnie Vale in 1907 Burbanks Gold Mine Coolgardie Gold Mine Coolgardie safe. Carnegie expedition of 1896 Australian Bureau of Statistics
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  • Gorton is located in the outer western suburbs of Melbourne, including the suburbs of Aintree, Albanvale, Brookfield, Bonnie Brook, Burnside, Cairnlea, Caroline
  • councillors Coolgardie two councillors Country one councillor Coolgardie Bonnie Vale Bullabulling Burbanks also Burbanks Gold Mine Dunnsville Higginsville
  • wagon of Australian Railroad Group iron ore train 6413 derailed on a right - hand curve in a cutting 595.9 km from Perth in the Stewart to Bonnie Vale section
  • Koolyanobbing is located 54 km NNE of the town of Southern Cross, Western Australia Iron ore is mined here by a subsidiary of Cliffs Natural Resources
  • Iris Lake Mackay Marvel Loch Menzies Murchison and Murchison River, Western Australia Murray Street Perth Stirling Range Perth Suburbs Applecross Ardross
  • Burracoppin Carrabin Bodallin Moorine Rock Southern Cross Koolyanobbing Bonnie Vale Kalgoorlie There is one train each way daily between East Perth and Kalgoorlie
  • an Australian bus company operating services in southern Sydney. In April 1953 SM Allison commenced operating route 64 Bundeena Wharf - Bonnie Vale Camping
  • Western Australian Government Railways railway system during its peak operational time in the 1930s to 1950s was a large system of over 4, 000 miles of
  • Mildura Agnew, Western Australia Ajana Albany Airfield, Albany Anna Plains Argyle Downs Bald Hill Bamboo Spring Beverley Big Bell Bindoon Bonnie Downs Boologooro
  • The City of Melton is a local government area in Victoria, Australia on Melbourne s western rural urban fringe. It covers 528 square kilometres 203.9 sq mi
  • Kalgoorlie railway station is the most eastern attended station in Western Australia located at the eastern terminus of the Eastern Goldfields Railway
  • list of schools in the state of Western Australia located outside the Perth metropolitan area. The Western Australian education system traditionally consists
  • railway station is located in Northam on the Eastern Railway route in Western Australia It is the second and more recent railway station in Northam. The
  • Victoria State Library of Western Australia and J S Battye Library State Library of South Australia State Library of Tasmania Australian National University
  • Midland Railway Station is the terminus of the Midland line in Perth. Western Australia It is operated by Transperth and is connected with the feeder bus
  • South Australia Dame Roma Mitchell Governor of Tasmania Sir Phillip Bennett Governor of Victoria Richard McGarvie Governor of Western Australia Michael

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