ⓘ Eneabba, Western Australia. Eneabba is a town on the Brand Highway 278 kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia. The area is famous for its spectacular disp ..

Eneabba, Western Australia

ⓘ Eneabba, Western Australia

Eneabba is a town on the Brand Highway 278 kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia.

The area is famous for its spectacular display of wildflowers in the spring. It is also home to the Iluka Resources mineral sands facility.

The first European visit to the area was in 1839 by the second disastrous George Grey expedition along the west coast. Grey and his party were forced to walk through the area after their boats were lost. On 11 April, Grey discovered and named the Arrowsmith River, after John Arrowsmith the English cartographer.

The next Europeans in the area were government Assistant Surveyor Augustus Charles Gregory and Francis Thomas Gregory both attached to the department of the Surveyor-General and their brother Henry Churchman Gregory, on a public-private funded expedition to search for new agricultural land beyond the settled areas. They camped at Eneabba Springs, 14 km 9 mi east of Eneabba on 14 September 1846, while returning to Perth from the Irwin River.

In 1870 the first settler, William Horsley Rowland, arrived from Greenough. He took up a 3.000 acre lease at Eneabba Springs and survived by shepherding, trapping horses and pigs and living on wild game.

The area around Eneabba also known as the Eneabba sandplain was opened up for agricultural purposes in the 1950s for a large group of model farms comprising the Eneabba War Service Land Settlement Project. This in turn initiated the need for a town to be developed. The town was gazetted on 27 January 1961.

The name of the town means "ground spring", from the aboriginal name of Eneabba Springs, the site of Rowlands original homestead.

The Warradarge Wind Farm is being constructed southeast of Eneabba.

  • Eneabba sandplain or the Eneabba portion of the Northern sandplain, is an extension of the Swan Coastal Plain in Western Australia The town Eneabba is
  • the south - west of Western Australia s Mid West region. The road connects Indian Ocean Drive at Coolimba with Brand Highway at Eneabba Edward Road is a
  • Eneabba Stone Arrangement is the name given to a registration on the Western Australia s Register of Aboriginal Sites. The arrangement is listed as being
  • eneabba is a shrub in the family, Proteaceae and endemic to an area along the west coast in the Mid West region of Western Australia Hakea eneabba is
  • impensa, commonly known as the Eneabba mallee, is a species of straggly mallee that is endemic to a small area of Western Australia It has smooth bark, dull
  • to Eneabba it was suggested that the land be used as a townsite. Regans Ford Gazetteer of Australia online. Geoscience Australia Australian Government
  • Yandanooka is a small town in the Mid West region of Western Australia The town is located between Mingenew and Three Springs on the Midlands Road. The
  • national park in Western Australia located 240 kilometres 149 mi north of Perth between the towns of Eneabba and Carnamah on Winchester - Eneabba Road. The
  • found only over a 65 square kilometre area north and west of Eneabba Western Australia Bathyporeia elegans, an amphipod Beaufortia elegans, a shrub Bero
  • Ray O Connor at Eneabba One year later, the road was named Brand Highway after Sir David Brand, who was Premier of Western Australia from 1959 to 1971
  • Western Australia is the second largest country subdivision in the world. It contains no fewer than 1224 separate Protected Areas with a total area of
  • This is a list of Towns of Western Australia In Australia towns are commonly understood to be centres of population not formally declared to be cities
  • scented, pink and white flowers. It usually grows in sand and is found near Eneabba Verticordia argentea is an erect, usually open, spindly shrub which grows
  • genus Drosera that is endemic to Western Australia It grows up to 45 cm tall. It is native to a region from Eneabba and Marchagee south to an area around
  • construction in the locality of Warradarge, southeast of Eneabba in the Mid West region of Western Australia The first of its planned 51 turbines was completed
  • within a range of less than 100 square kilometres between Eneabba and Mount Lesueur, Western Australia It has roughly spherical inflorescences with flowers
  • Dongara, Irwin, Mingenew, Morawa, Three Springs, Perenjori, Carnamah, Eneabba Leeman, Coorow, Jurien Bay, Cervantes, Badgingarra, Dandaragan, Moora
  • flowers are borne singly in leaf axils. It only occurs in a small area near Eneabba and had previously been known as E. microtheca subsp. narrow leaves
  • kilometres 32 mi north of Geraldton, in the Mid West region of Western Australia At the 2011 census, the town had a population of 868. The town contains
  • branches. Grevillea humifusa is only found in a single population near Eneabba south of Geraldton. The land that the 1500 plants are found on comprises
  • Alexander Morrison National Park is a national park in Western Australia located 207 kilometres 129 mi north of Perth in the Shire of Coorow along
  • region of Western Australia centred around Eneabba where it grows on sandy soils over laterite. Calytrix eneabbensis FloraBase. Western Australian Government

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