ⓘ Cataby, Western Australia. Cataby is a small settlement approximately 170 kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia on the Brand Highway. The area was appare ..

Cataby, Western Australia

ⓘ Cataby, Western Australia

Cataby is a small settlement approximately 170 kilometres north of Perth, Western Australia on the Brand Highway. The area was apparently once called West Dandaragan, with the town of Dandaragan located 17 km to the east.

The Cataby Important Bird Area, which supports an important breeding population of the Short-billed Black Cockatoo, lies 2 km south-east of the town.

Tronox have a titanium mine site at Cooljarloo, near Cataby. Concentrate is transported by road train to the processing facility at Chandala, near Muchea.

The area has also been explored for mineral sands.

The town was threatened by a bushfire in 2010 closing the Brand Highway for a few hours, the fire was contained shortly afterward.

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  • Melbourne: Australian Plants Society SGAP Victoria Perth: Wildflower Society of Western Australia ISBN 1 - 876473 - 54 - 1. Dryandra sp. Cataby F.Hort 1779
  • zircon from a mineral sands deposit at Cooljarloo, 14 km north of Cataby Western Australia As of June 2012, the joint venture was formally dissolved, when
  • location in Western Australia It is located at 30 39 S 115 22 E, around 170 kilometres north of Perth, and about ten kilometres north of Cataby It is mostly
  • Bay Cervantes Badgingarra Cataby Cooljarloo Dandaragan Hill River Nambung National Park Regans Ford Wedge Island Australian Bureau of Statistics 27 June
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  • located between Brookton and Pingelly in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia A railway siding named Westbrook was the origin of the town. The
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  • The blunt - leaved bunny orchid grows in scrub and mallee - heath between Cataby and the Murchison River in the Geraldton Sandplains and Yalgoo biogeographic
  • 210 116.971 Mount Kokeby is a small town in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia about 12 kilometres 7 mi south of the town of Beverley towards
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  • slopes of Mount Misery, a lateritic hill east of Cataby in Western Australia Eucalyptus dolorosa Australian Plant Census. Retrieved 24 June 2019. Eucalyptus
  • York is the oldest inland town in Western Australia situated on the Avon River, 97 kilometres 60 mi east of Perth in the Wheatbelt, on Ballardong Nyoongar
  • the sides of the labellum. The king spider orchid is widespread between Cataby and Munglinup in the Avon Wheatbelt, Esperance Plains, Geraldton Sandplains
  • Wandoo woodland, near creeks, in sheoak groves and Acacia thickets between Cataby and the Murchison River in the Avon Wheatbelt, Geraldton Sandplains, Jarrah

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