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ⓘ Ashburton Land District

  • coast of the South Island of New Zealand. The town is the seat of the Ashburton District a territorial authority encompassing the town and a number of small
  • Ashburton Downs Station Coordinates: 23 23 07 S 117 01 57 E 23.38536 S 117.03239 E - 23.38536 117.03239 Ashburton Downs Ashburton Downs Station
  • Ashburton is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 12 km 7.5 mi southeast of Melbourne s Central Business District Its local government area is
  • Ashburton railway station is a closed railway station situated in the town of Ashburton in Devon, England. It was the terminus of a branch line from Totnes
  • Ashburton House, also known as St. John s Church Parish House or the British Legation, is a historic house at 1525 H Street NW, on Lafayette Square in
  • Ashburton is a wealthy, predominantly African - American neighborhood in the Forest Park region of northwestern Baltimore City, Maryland. It is located
  • Colin McLachlan, donated the land and the ruin to the people of the district it is now vested in the Ashburton District Council. The renovation began
  • Gisborne District Ashburton District Hurunui District Kaikoura District Mackenzie District Selwyn District Timaru District Waimakariri District Waimate
  • minister in the Lawrence government. In 1989, she shifted to the new seat of Ashburton and Larry Graham won Pilbara for the Labor party. He resigned from the
  • Huntingdon New Zealand Gazetteer. Land Information New Zealand. Retrieved 22 January 2008. Ashburton District Tourism, Lake Hood Retrieved 22 January
  • the Rangitata River and Rakaia Rivers, roughly coterminous with the Ashburton District Some definitions push the northern border north to include Lake Coleridge
  • Waterton is located on the Canterbury Plains south of Ashburton on the Pacific Ocean, between the Ashburton River and Hinds River. Nearby localities include
  • 1840 11 September 1915 was a New Zealand Member of Parliament for Ashburton in the South Island. McLachlan was born in Ardrossan, Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Walker was the first chairman of the Ashburton County Council from 1877 until 1893. He represented the Ashburton electorate on the Canterbury Provincial
  • Ashburton River. Wheatstone is slightly inland from the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. Place name detail: Wheatstone New Zealand Gazetteer. Land Information
  • southwest, and across the Ashburton River, Riverside to the northeast. Place name detail: Ashton New Zealand Gazetteer. Land Information New Zealand
  • country with areas of cracking clays found on the eastern side. The Ashburton Land District was opened up for pastoral leases after the explorations of Francis
  • New Zealand s South Island. It is situated in Mid - Canterbury, south of Ashburton the major town of the area. Other nearby settlements include Hinds and
  • the Ashburton District of New Zealand s South Island. It is located close to State Highway 1, which bypasses the town to the west, between Ashburton and
  • Britain met in Washington and forged a peaceful compromise, the Webster Ashburton Treaty in 1842. It fixed the permanent border. The term war was rhetorical
  • Flemington is situated on the Canterbury Plains south of Ashburton between the Ashburton River and Hinds River. Nearby settlements include Eiffelton
  • Island. It is located in an agricultural area on the southern side of the Ashburton River. Another river, the Hinds River, is to Valetta s southwest. Nearby

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