ⓘ Cockburn Sound Land District ..


ⓘ Cockburn Sound Land District

  • Cockburn is named after Cockburn Sound which was named in 1827 by Captain James Stirling after Admiral Sir George Cockburn Sir George was born in London
  • approximately corresponds to the Murray Land District and part of the Cockburn Sound Land District which form the basis for land titles in the area. Crowley, F
  • Cockburn Island is an island and municipality in the Canadian province of Ontario, located in the Manitoulin District It is separated from the westernmost
  • of Western Australia. Today, land titles in the area are associated with the Swan, Canning or Cockburn Sound land districts Taylor, Thomas George 1860
  • land grants in the Cockburn area, and around Lake Coogee the remains of the cottages built by the Pensioner Guards in the 1880s. The Munster District
  • the sawmills in Gravenhurst. Alexander Cockburn answered the call. Sometimes called the Father of Muskoka, Cockburn began placing steamers on the lake. Starting
  • Seguin is a township in central Ontario, Canada, in the District of Parry Sound The Township of Seguin was created by Minister s Order, dated May 8
  • 15 km 9mi south of the central business district within the local government area of the City of Cockburn Coolbellup takes its name from the Aboriginal
  • has established a well - regarded Center for Marine Resource Studies in Cockburn Harbour. The centre s research focuses on marine ecology and natural resource
  • Murray Land District is a land district cadastral division of Western Australia, located within the South - West Land Division on the state s west coast
  • municipality by population is the Township of Cockburn Island with 0 residents, while the smallest by land area is the Village of Westport at 1.68 km2 0
  • things Cockburn pp. 7 9. Cockburn pp. 8 10. Cockburn p. 10. Cockburn pp. 10 16. Cockburn p. 15. Cockburn p. 16. Cockburn p. 17. Cockburn pp. 18 21
  • 1838 edition, with the addition of the following maps: Cockburn Sound by J.S. Roe Map District of Adelaide, South Australia Eastern townships of Lower
  • and the British ships anchored in Cumberland sound At the end of February 1815, Rear Admiral Cockburn received news of the Treaty of Ghent through newspapers
  • of classifying land for Pastoral Leases The system of divisions developed as follows: The land district is the highest level of land division actively
  • land grant was no longer reserved for him. The land eventually granted to him, 250, 000 acres 1, 000 km² of land to the south, extended from Cockburn
  • featured the renowned singer Bruce Cockburn There was a crowd of an estimated 10 - 20 thousand people that came to hear Cockburn which was possibly the largest
  • system of land divisions and land districts was used, with most of Perth located in the land districts of Swan, Canning and Cockburn Sound all in the
  • 1954. SROWA Cons 3869, Cockburn Sound 139. On this plan, H.Mead and J.F.Lazenby are shown to own all but one of approximately 20 land allocations on the Beenyup

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