ⓘ Gascoyne Land Division was a land division of Western Australia defined under the Land Regulations of 2 March 1887. It included almost all of the modern Gascoyn ..

Gascoyne Land Division

ⓘ Gascoyne Land Division

Gascoyne Land Division was a land division of Western Australia defined under the Land Regulations of 2 March 1887. It included almost all of the modern Gascoyne region of the State. In the Land Act 1898, it was renamed Western to avoid confusion with the Gascoyne Land District which had just been created by the Department of Lands and Surveys, and on 1 February 1907, section 26 of the Land Act Amendment Act 1906 merged it into North-West Land Division.

It was defined thus in the Land Regulations in 1887:

  • It includes Carnarvon, Exmouth and Port Hedland. It is located in the Gascoyne region, the western Pilbara region, and part of the Mid West Coordinates:
  • Gascoyne Land District is a land district cadastral division of Western Australia, located within the North - West Land Division Coordinates: 24 50 S
  • which is uninhabited land or sparsely vegetated sheep station country, and its seat of government is the small town of Gascoyne Junction. It has a population
  • Gascoyne Junction is a small town in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia, inland from Carnarvon on the junction of the Gascoyne River and Lyons River
  • including the northern and central parts of the Wheatbelt, the Mid West, Gascoyne Pilbara and the Kimberley regions. Populated areas include the city of
  • Mid - West - Gascoyne Goldfields - Esperance Wheatbelt Metropolitan Great Southern South - West Department of Water Kimberley Pilbara Mid West Gascoyne Goldfields
  • Administration Act 1997. Eastern Land Division Eucla Land Division Kimberley Land Division North - West Land Division South - West Land Division The Rabbit - proof fence
  • November 1865. The North - West Land Division created by legislation in 1887, includes only the western Pilbara, northern Gascoyne and part of the Mid West
  • Poland and Great Britain combined It included the Goldfields - Esperance, Gascoyne Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia, in addition to the
  • Coast: Northwest Cape to Carnarvon Gascoyne land region Gascoyne Coast: north of Carnarvon to Kalbarri Gascoyne land region Geraldton Coast: north of
  • Australia. September 2016. Austin, Peter 1988 Aboriginal languages of the Gascoyne - Ashburton region. Volume 1. La Trobe Working Papers in Linguistics. pp
  • occupying the Murchison, Gascoyne - affected from the 1840s onwards, represented today by the Yamatji Bana Baaba Marlpa Land and Sea Council. Nganda type: Patrilineal
  • Science of Human History. Nicholas Thieberger, 1996, 4.4 North of the Gascoyne River to Port Hedland Handbook of Western Australian Aboriginal languages
  • governmental division of the state into regions for economic development purposes. Others regionalisations include those made for purposes of land management
  • sub - division Parcels of land between 300 acres in the southern area and over 1000 acres in the north were all sold during the Melbourne land boom
  • local government region Northern Railway Western Australia December 2010 Gascoyne River flood Australian Bureau of Statistics 25 October 2007 Yalgoo
  • Collier basins, the 1840 1620 Ma northern Gascoyne Complex, the 2000 1780 Ma Glenburgh Terrane in the southern Gascoyne Complex and the Errabiddy Shear Zone
  • flooding in southern areas of the country, including Gascoyne and the South - West Land Division There, 224 mm 8.8 in of rain fell in 24 hours. Additionally
  • 1902 in the United Kingdom. Monarch Edward VII Prime Minister Robert Gascoyne - Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury Coalition until 11 July Arthur Balfour

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