ⓘ Esperance Bay is a bay on the south coast of Western Australia. Nominally located at 33°51′25″S 121°55′13″E, it is the site of the town of Esperance. The bay wa ..

Esperance Bay

ⓘ Esperance Bay

Esperance Bay is a bay on the south coast of Western Australia. Nominally located at 33°51′25″S 121°55′13″E, it is the site of the town of Esperance.

The bay was discovered on 9 December 1792 by a French expedition under Bruni dEntrecasteaux, which sailed in search of the lost expedition of Jean-François de Galaup, comte de Laperouse. Stormy weather had blown the ships into hazardous waters surrounded by islands, but acting ensign Jacques-Bertrand Le Grand sighted a navigable passage and a somewhat sheltered anchorage, providing what dEntrecasteaux regarded as a "miraculous" escape from being wrecked. Ship botanist Jacques Labillardiere was in favour of naming the bay after Le Grand, and indeed he refers to the bay on his specimen slips as "Baie Le Grand", but in the end dEntrecasteaux decided to name the bay after one of his ships, the Esperance. The cape on the eastern side of the bay was named Cape Le Grand in Le Grands honour.

  • Australian town of Esperance and Esperance Bay in Western Australia were named after her. She was sold for breaking up in 1794. Esperance was built as Durance
  • the Esperance commanded by Jean - Michel Huon de Kermadec. Esperance is French for hope In 1802, British navigator Matthew Flinders sailed the Bay of
  • USS Cape Esperance CVE - 88 was a Casablanca - class escort carrier of the United States Navy. She was named after the Battle of Cape Esperance an inconclusive
  • Bonne - Esperance is a municipality in the Cote - Nord region of the province of Quebec in Canada. The municipality is made up of the fishing villages of
  • sparsely populated the only towns of note are Bremer Bay Ravensthorpe, Hopetoun and Esperance The region s topography consists of a plain that rises
  • The Shire of Esperance is a local government area in the Goldfields - Esperance region of Western Australia, about 400 kilometres 250 mi south of the town
  • Fort Esperance was a North West Company trading post near Rocanville, Saskatchewan from 1787 until 1819. It was moved three times and was called Fort
  • 18 07 2018. Esperance Star was a dive liveaboard ship operating out of Brisbane, Australia, and skippered by Captain Trevor Jackson. Built in Esperance Bay in
  • the original PDF on 19 July 2008. Esperance Council 1984 Israelite Bay management plan. Esperance W.A : Esperance Shire Council - Geoscience Australia
  • Rossiter Bay is on the southern coast of Western Australia, in the Cape Le Grand National Park east of Esperance The bay is noted as the place where explorer
  • L Esperance Airport IATA: SFG, ICAO: TFFG also known as Grand Case Airport French: Aerodrome de Grand - Case Esperance is a public use airport located
  • Ocean coast, roughly centred on the town of Esperance and extending west to Young River, east to Rossiter Bay and north about 65 kilometres 40 mi inland
  • Esperance Airport IATA: EPR, ICAO: YESP is an airport in Esperance Western Australia. The airport is 12 nautical miles 22 km 14 mi northwest of the
  • Australia, in the Cape Le Grand National Park. Located south - east of Esperance the bay is a tourist spot known for its bright white sands and turquoise - coloured
  • Bremer Bay is a coastal town situated on the south coast of Western Australia in the Great Southern region between Albany and Esperance at the mouth of
  • HMS Esperance was launched in America in 1781, and is first listed in Lloyd s Register in 1784 under the name Clementina. She then served as a slave ship
  • The author refers to the specimens collected at Fraser s Range and Esperance Bay 120 years beforehand, which was described as a species of Pomaderris
  • Esperance Senior High School is a comprehensive public high day and boarding school, located in Esperance a regional centre 780 kilometres 485 mi southeast
  • of the ships of Bruni d Entrecasteaux expedition, along with Esperance Recherche Bay in Tasmania was named after her. The ship was built as Truite and
  • ABC Goldfields - Esperance is an ABC Local Radio station based in Kalgoorlie. The station broadcasts to the Goldfields - Esperance region of Western Australia
  • area before discharging into Alexander Bay and the Southern Ocean about 75 kilometres 47 mi east of Esperance The river was named in 1870 by John Forrest

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