ⓘ Baudin Island, Shark Bay. Not to be confused with the island with the same name on the Kimberley WA coast Baudin Island is a small island in Henri Freycinet Har ..

Baudin Island (Shark Bay)

ⓘ Baudin Island (Shark Bay)

Not to be confused with the island with the same name on the Kimberley WA coast

Baudin Island is a small island in Henri Freycinet Harbour, the southern part of Shark Bay in Western Australia.

The island was named after the French explorer Nicolas Baudin who passed through the region.

It is also a reserve with the name Baudin Island Nature Reserve within the Shark Bay Marine Park and Shark Bay World Heritage area.

  • on Kangaroo Island Baudin Island Kimberley coast off Western Australia Baudin Island Shark Bay off Western Australia Amiral Baudin - class ironclad
  • Baudin Island is the name of two islands off the coast of Western Australia:
  • This is a list of the islands in the Shark Bay area of the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia, between 24 30 0 and 26 30 0 S, and 112 0 0 and 114 30 0
  • Dirk Hartog Island is an island off the Gascoyne coast of Western Australia, within the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. It is about 80 kilometres 50 miles
  • Shark Bay. It is surrounded by the Shark Bay Marine Park and Shark Bay World Heritage Site and, as the Faure Island Sanctuary, is owned and managed by
  • Encounter Bay in what is now South Australia. Flinders informed Baudin of his discovery of Kangaroo Island St. Vincent s and Spencer s Gulfs. Baudin sailed
  • eradicated from the islands allowing endangered rufous hare - wallabies Mala and Shark Bay mice to be translocated to the islands under the conservation
  • the Shark Bay Marine Park. The estuary has been dredged as part of works related to the Shark Bay Salt Joint Venture. Baudin Island Charles Island Freycinet
  • after the small schoonerin which he was sailing with Bass. In 1802 Baudin examined the bay and, unaware of Flinders s nomenclature, gave it the name of Port
  • exploration, he was the first to see and draw the plan of Faure Island an island in Shark Bay on the Western Australian coast to which the expedition gave
  • Nicholas Baudin and Matthew Flinders, Kent Town, South Australia, Wakefield Press, 2004. ISBN 1 - 86254 - 625 - 8 Frank Horner, The French Reconnaissance: Baudin in
  • Boullanger - the north end of Maria Island Cape Boullanger - the northern tip of Dorre Island in the present - day Shark Bay nature reserve off the coast of
  • Worrorran languages group whose name for the island is Nimenba. The island was named by Nicholas Baudin in 1801 after the French diplomat and statesman
  • various islands which were, however, found uninhabited. He made landfall at an island now called Dirk Hartog Island off the coast of Shark Bay Hartog
  • Neptune Islands Nicolas Baudin Island Nobby Islet Nuyts Archipelago St Francis Island St Peter Island Smooth Island Middle Island Owen Island Paisley
  • Pink Bay is a bay in the Australian state of South Australia and is located at the east end of Dudley Peninsula on Kangaroo Island overlooking Backstairs
  • Tumby Island is a low bedrock island located 500 m east of the southern tip of Tumby Bay Tumby Point in Spencer Gulf, South Australia. The island is a
  • the French ship Le Naturaliste that visited Shark Bay as part of a scientific expedition led by Nicolas Baudin between 1801 and 1804. The biosphere reserve
  • to Lady Julia Percy s Island as he sailed past on his ship the Investigator. Also in 1802, Nicolas Baudin sailed past the island in his ship the Geographe
  • establish a penal colony in the western part of Australia, possibly at Shark Bay the Colonial Office assented to the proposal in mid - October 1828. In
  • Trinity Beach Whitehaven Beach Wonga Beach Aldinga Beach Baudin Beach Christies Beach Henley Beach Island Beach Maslin Beach Middle Beach O Sullivan Beach Sellicks
  • Australia, and consists of the local government areas of Carnarvon, Exmouth, Shark Bay and Upper Gascoyne. The Gascoyne has about 600 km 370 mi of Indian Ocean
  • Howe Island stick insect, Dryococelus australis Golden sun moth, Synemon plana Mitchell s rainforest snail, Thersites mitchellae Grey nurse shark Carcharias

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