ⓘ Baudin Island, Kimberley coast ..


ⓘ Baudin Island (Kimberley coast)

  • on Kangaroo Island Baudin Island Kimberley coast off Western Australia Baudin Island Shark Bay off Western Australia Amiral Baudin - class ironclad
  • Not to be confused with the island with the same name on the Kimberley WA coast Baudin Island is a small island 20ha, 50acres in Henri Freycinet Harbour
  • Adele Island is an island located in the Indian Ocean approximately 104 kilometres 65 mi North of Ardyaloon off the Kimberley coast in Western Australia
  • Champagny Island is an island off the coast of the Kimberley region in Western Australia. Located on the western side of Camden Sound and part of the Champagny
  • Lacepede Islands The Lacepede Islands sometimes referred to simply as the Lacepedes, are a group of four islands lying off the Kimberley coast of Western
  • Archipelago is a group of islands off the coast of Western Australia in the Kimberley region, within the Shire of Wyndham - East Kimberley The closest inhabited
  • referred to together as the Montlivet Islands although this is not a gazetted name. They were discovered by Nicolas Baudin in 1802, and named after Jean - Pierre
  • Antoine Ganteaume, by Nicolas Baudin during the Baudin expedition to Australia: this was a French expedition to map the coast of Australia, then known as
  • in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. The Cape to the south east, on the eastern side of the mouth, is Cape Domett, with Lacrosse Island located
  • Broome Visitor Information Centre. 2012. Retrieved 6 October 2015. Nicolas Baudin s Scientific Expedition To The Terres Australes 2001. Archived from the
  • Australia, including Lord Howe Island Bass Stright Islands and the North Kimberley Coast New Zealand is a continuation of the Coast series, this time showcasing
  • of American Beach, Antechamber Bay, Baudin Beach, Brown Beach, Cuttlefish Bay, Dudley East, Dudley West, Island Beach, Kangaroo Head, Ironstone, Pelican
  • centuries, including by Dutchman Pieter Pieterszoon, Frenchman Nicholas Baudin and Briton Philip Parker King. In February 1824 Captain Gordon Bremer was
  • Australia Geoscience Australia. 2004. Retrieved 30 July 2006. Geotags list, Kimberley NAP Projects, Kimberly, W. B., History of West Australia
  • the southern coast 1801 The French ships Geographe and Naturaliste under Nicolas Baudin and Emmanuel Hamelin, explored much of the coast north from Cape
  • warrarna, mulyamiji, Egernia kintorei Yakka skink, Egernia rugosa Baudin Island spiny - tailed skink, Egernia stokesii aethiops Bell s turtle, Namoi River
  • Indonesia began visiting the coast of northern Australia sometime around the middle of the 1700s, first in the Kimberley region, and some decades later
  • subdistricts, Ujung Pandang. The city is located on the southwest coast of the island of Sulawesi, facing the Makassar Strait. Makassar is not only the
  • nestled into Sydney Cove and Newcastle. Nicholas Baudin also encountered 26 large perahu off the northern coast of Western Australia in the same year. Ganter
  • Charles - Alexandre Lesueur, who travelled with a French expedition led by Nicolas Baudin The first resident professional artist was John Lewin, who arrived in 1800
  • aboriginal groups along the south coast for over a century see Daisy Bates The Swan River was explored by the French Captain Baudin in the Geographe, and his
  • development of the Goldfields - Esperance region of Western Australia. Kimberley historical timeline Pilbara historical timeline Regions of Western Australia

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