ⓘ Becher Point is the southernmost point of Warnbro Sound in Port Kennedy in Western Australia. It was the site of multiple ship beachings. It is a reference poin ..

Becher Point

ⓘ Becher Point

Becher Point is the southernmost point of Warnbro Sound in Port Kennedy in Western Australia. It was the site of multiple ship beachings. It is a reference point for the adjacent Ramsar Becher Point Wetlands that lie inland from the point. It offers significant conservation value. It has been identified as a site for assessing Holocene environment on the coastline. As a place name, Port Kennedy is the name of a locality that is found where Becher point is, however Port Kennedy is not a notable coastal feature.

  • Jewish theology Ulrich Becher German writer Becher Peninsula, Nunavut, Canada Becher Point Wetlands, Western Australia Becher process, a process used
  • The Becher Point Wetlands site is a wetland nature reserve in Port Kennedy on the Swan Coastal Plain of south - western Western Australia. The 677 - hectare
  • Kennedy is built on Becher Point and because of its geomorphological history it is home to an unusual wetland formation, called the Becher Wetland Suite. These
  • Becher born 1770 died 1848 was an English clergyman, social reformer and Vicar - General of Southwell Minster from 1818 to 1840. John Thomas Becher was
  • Hilla Becher born Hilla Wobeser 2 September 1934 10 October 2015 was a German conceptual photographer. Becher was well known for her industrial photographs
  • The Becher Chase is a Grade Three National Hunt steeplechase in Great Britain which is open to horses aged six years or older. It is run at Aintree over
  • Siegfried Becher 28 February 1806 4 March 1873 was an Austrian political economist, Becher was born in Plana Bohemia He studied at Prague and Vienna
  • located in Fremont, Ohio. Since Quikut lacked panache, Ed Valenti, Barry Becher and copywriter Arthur Schiff created a name that alluded to the exceptional
  • Australia and stretches from the northern point of the Garden Island Causeway to the southern point of Becher Point The 6, 540 - hectare 16, 200 - acre marine
  • Lambton, Seckerton, Sombra, Sykeston, Thornyhurst, Vye s Grove, Waubuno, West Becher Wilkesport. The township administrative offices are located in Mooretown
  • Kurt Becher and from his having given positive character references after the war for Becher and two other SS officers, thus allowing Becher to escape
  • continuing to Becher s, led by Mr. Pointment and Milan Deux Mille. No Full was up in the leading dozen runners when he clipped the top of Becher s and fell
  • Part of the Baffin Island offshore islands located in Wayne Bay, west of Becher Peninsula, the Old Squaw Islands are part of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago
  • territory of Nunavut. The island lies in Frobisher Bay, south of Ward Inlet. Becher Peninsula is to the northwest, while Hall Peninsula is to the east. Islands
  • inner Frobisher Bay. The island lies at the head of Ward Inlet, between Becher Peninsula and Hall Peninsula. Bruce Island is located at the mouth of the
  • January 7, 1944 June 14, 1987 sometimes credited as Curt Boetcher or Curt Becher was an American singer, songwriter, musician, and record producer from
  • p. 27. Mulliner 2006, p. 113. Dunham, Abu Nimeh Becher 2008, p. 225. Becher 2009, p. 65. Becher 2009, p. 66. Kasmi C, Lopes Esteves J 13 August 2015
  • Their race looked certain to come to an end when the horse all but fell at Becher s Brook and was left in last place by the time horse and rider had recovered
  • McBrien 2000, p. 159. Becher 2012, p. 231. Becher 2012, pp. 234 235. Becher 2012, pp. 238 239. Becher 2012, p. 239. Becher 2012, pp. 239 240. Althoff
  • Charlotte Fritz nee Becher 4 July 1918 in Baden bei Wien - 23 September 2003 in Vienna was an Austrian Righteous Among the Nations. She lived together
  • in order from east to west Becher Bay Seedtree Mount Matheson Park Heights Anderson Cove Coppermine Seagirt Eliza Point Tideview Sooke Metchosin Mount
  • faller, somewhere near Becher s Brook. At the start of the second circuit Peter Simple took up the running and by the time Becher s Brook was reached for

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