ⓘ Edel Land National Park is a proposed national park located in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia, located 670 kilometres north of the states capital Pert ..

Edel Land National Park

ⓘ Edel Land National Park

Edel Land National Park is a proposed national park located in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia, located 670 kilometres north of the states capital Perth. The national park is also a part of the Shark Bay World Heritage Site.


1. History

The park is located on the traditional country of the Malgana people. Edel Land was an important place for Indigenous Australians. Tools were created using stone from a natural quarry at Crayfish Bay. Food was available in the form of fish, as well as the flora located in the park. Fresh water was sourced from Willyah Mia, on the eastern shore of the peninsula.

The earliest European exploration of the region was by the Dutch explorer Dirk Hartog in 1616. Hartog landed on the nearby island, now named Dirk Hartog Island. Hartog was the first European to land on the western coastline of Australia.

  • house in Edel Land National Park which is about 20 kilometres east of Steep Point. Camping areas and basic facilities are also available in the park and can
  • Championship was won by Cork, beating Dublin by a single point in the final. Edel Murphy scored 1 - 6 and Marion Conroy another goal as Dublin withstood a late
  • much of the Shark Bay area, and contiguous land extending over Dirk Hartog Island National Park Edel Land Peninsula and Steep Point, the town of Denham
  • her pilot. The coast northward of Shark Bay was named Endracht Land In 1619, Edel gave his name to the district southward of Shark Bay . Hunter
  • Projects: Toryglen Estate, Glasgow Lawtech Group. Retrieved 22 October 2018. Edel Keaney 8 December 2016 It s like Beirut on a bad day say Toryglen tenants
  • bioregion YAL Tallering sub region YAL2 not represented in area Edel subregion YAL1 Bernier, Dorre and Dirk Hartog Islands Western Australia
  • Korea Edel Ace Edel Be All Edel Excel Edel Live Edel Millennium Edel Mountain Edel New Edel Prime Bi Edel Quantum Thomas Alva Edison, Menlo Park NJ
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  • camogie was won by Dublin, who defeated Cork in the final, played at Russell Park Counties played each other twice for the first time in the history of the
  • land owned by Coillte and 16 km 10 mi is on land owned by the Wicklow Mountains National Park and covers a relatively small amount of private land
  • Company Has Trouble With Truck 19 October 1946. Retrieved 1 February 2010. Edel Leon. The visitable past: a wartime memoir. p. 22. Retrieved 31 January
  • Daily Record Rutherglen Reformer. Retrieved 10 February 2018. Kenealy, Edel 20 July 2017 Plans for Rutherglen s Gallowflat school still on the table
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  • Aviv: Ahital Retrieved July 19, 2010. Edel Itzhak 1946 HaShir HaEretz - Yisraeli The Songs of the Land of Israel Tel Aviv: Monograph published
  • of Presque Isle State Park crowded out the modest field station, and in 1949 the field station moved to Pymatuning State Park The University of Pittsburgh
  • Capt Stephanie Falconer, Debbie Phelan, Sarah Murphy, Jennifer Norris, Edel Long, Lorraine Long, Joanne Bourke, Lisa Walsh, Siobhan Dermody, Sinead McCarthy
  • Official Website Matthew Strachan at BBC Music Matthew Strachan on Twitter Air - Edel Associates Official website for the musical, Next Door s Baby Official website
  • Forgotten Disaster of the Indian Wars National Museum of the United States Army. Retrieved 29 July 2019. Edel 1997 Roosevelt 1896 Stilwell, Blake
  • acres in Oakland for a park Officials bought another 100 acres from her for Schenley Park And Mary Schenley gave another gift: land for Schenley Plaza
  • Pittsburgh Press. ISBN 0 - 8229 - 1150 - 7. National Register Information System National Register of Historic Places. National Park Service. July 9, 2010. Pfaffmann
  • 21 Kerry ghost estates The Corkman. Retrieved 30 April 2010. Kennedy, Edel 10 October 2009 Danger lurks in the ghost estates haunting our towns

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