ⓘ East Augusta, Western Australia. East Augusta is a small townsite located in the South West Region of Western Australia in the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River. ..

East Augusta, Western Australia

ⓘ East Augusta, Western Australia

East Augusta is a small townsite located in the South West Region of Western Australia in the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River.

It is located on the eastern shore of the Blackwood River across from the townsite of Augusta, and is linked by road to the Brockman Highway at Alexander Bridge

  • The Shire of Augusta - Margaret River is a local government area in the south - west corner of the South West region of Western Australia approximately 270
  • Augusta is a town on the south - west coast of Western Australia where the Blackwood River emerges into Flinders Bay. It is the nearest town to Cape Leeuwin
  • Port Augusta is a small city in South Australia Formerly a seaport, it is now a road traffic and railway junction city mainly located on the east coast
  • Margaret River is a town in the South West of Western Australia located in the valley of the eponymous Margaret River, 277 kilometres 172 mi south
  • The human history of Western Australia commenced between 40, 000 and 60, 000 years ago with the arrival of Indigenous Australians on the northwest coast
  • Port Augusta West is a suburb of Port Augusta South Australia However, it has a separate early colonial history to Port Augusta because it is on the
  • of Northcliffe, on the south coast of Western Australia east of Augusta and west of Nornalup. It lies just east of Point D Entrecasteaux. Fishing, snorkelling
  • Leeuwin Bremer Bay Israelite Bay Eucla Western Australia has the longest coastline of any state or territory in Australia at 10, 194 km or 12, 889 km 20, 781 km
  • south of the townsite of Augusta and close to the mouth of the Blackwood River. The locality and bay lies to the north east of Cape Leeuwin which is
  • most significant portion being the Trans - Australian Railway which connected between Kalgoorlie and Port Augusta It was not until 1970 that gauge conversion
  • The Trans - Australian Railway crosses the Nullarbor Plain of Australia from Port Augusta in South Australia to Kalgoorlie in Western Australia It includes
  • Blackwood River is a major river and catchment in the South West of Western Australia The river begins at the junction of Arthur River and Balgarup River
  • 69 mi scenic route in the South West region of Western Australia It connects western Busselton with Augusta running along or to the west of the Leeuwin - Naturaliste
  • The Adelaide - Port Augusta railway line is the primary rail corridor in South Australia for northbound rail traffic out of Adelaide. The line forms part
  • Railways in Western Australia were developed in the 19th century both by the Government of Western Australia and a number of private companies. Today passenger
  • Western Australia occupies nearly one third of the Australian continent. Due to the size and the isolation of the state, considerable emphasis has been
  • located in the South West region of Western Australia in the Shire of Augusta - Margaret River, about 20 km 12 mi north - east of Margaret River. It was established
  • locality to the east is Karridale on the Margaret River to Augusta road. It was also a small settlement and port in Western Australia on the coast of
  • 34.38083 115.15500 is located near Augusta Western Australia in the South West region. It is located just east of Cape Leeuwin, and lies closer to land
  • is a river in the south west of Western Australia being a tributary to the Blackwood River where it joins just east of Molloy Island. It is partly within
  • Australia uses three main time zones: Australian Western Standard Time AWST UTC 08: 00 Australian Central Standard Time ACST UTC 09: 30 and Australian

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