ⓘ Cape Freycinet is a point on the coast between Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste in the south west of Western Australia. It is within the Shire of Augusta-Marga ..

Cape Freycinet

ⓘ Cape Freycinet

Cape Freycinet is a point on the coast between Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste in the south west of Western Australia.

It is within the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River local government area, and the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

It is not far from the Lake Cave and is approached from the Caves Road along Conto Road.

Named after the family of Freycinet, which had two brothers Henri Desaules and Louis de Freycinet - who were on the Baudin expedition.

The late Leslie Marchant in his posthumous publication on French names in Western Australia insists that it is not a cape, but a point - and names it Point Freycinet counter to the established name listed by Geoscience Australia database.

  • Freycinet may refer to: People Charles de Freycinet 1828 1923 French prime minister Louis de Freycinet 1779 1842 French navigator Places Cape Freycinet
  • Australia is called Freycinet Estuary. Cape Freycinet between Cape Leeuwin and Cape Naturaliste and the Freycinet Peninsula with Freycinet National Park in
  • largest sanctuary zones are East Geographe, Eagle Bay, Cape Naturaliste, Injidup, Cape Freycinet Cape Leeuwin and East Flinders Bay. From the north to the
  • the peninsula after French explorer Louis de Freycinet Baudin also named Cape Baudin, Cape Faure, Cape Forestier and Thouin Bay, although that bay is
  • name to a well known Margaret River winery, Cape Mentelle Vineyards. Cape Clairault Cape Freycinet Cape Mentelle Naming Australia s Coastline. Discovery
  • The Freycinet Map of 1811 is the first map of Australia to be published which shows the full outline of Australia. It was drawn by Louis de Freycinet and
  • cited as a landmark within the range of the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse light. Cape Freycinet Cape Mentelle Cape Hamelin Marchant, Leslie Ronald 1998 France
  • the cape The cape is in an area where crayfishing has been practised, and also where it has been restricted. Cape Freycinet Cape Mentelle Cape Clairault
  • chip mill. It replaced the Cape Forestier Lighthouse which had been situated nearby on another headland jutting off the Freycinet Peninsula known as Lemon
  • Freycinet Commonwealth Marine Reserve is a 57, 942 km2 marine protected area within Australian waters located off the east coast of Tasmania. It extends
  • Subspecies calcicola mainly grows on limestone dunes between Cape Freycinet and Cape Hamelin in far south coastal regions of Western Australia. Subspecies
  • lighthouse. It is believed that the cape was named after Antoine François, comte de Fourcroy, on 26 July 1803 by Louis de Freycinet on his journey on the Geographe
  • The Cape to Cape Walk Track is a long - distance walk trail located in the far south - west corner of Western Australia, 250 kilometres 160 mi south of Perth
  • which was named after the cape Also the Leeuwin - Naturaliste National Park, Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse and the Cape to Cape hiking track were named after
  • of Cape Freycinet To the north, the beach leads to the Boranup Sand Patch and further to the mouth of the Margaret River, while south leads to Cape Leeuwin
  • kilometres 81 mi long, running north - northwesterly, located east of Henri Freycinet Harbour and west of Havre Hamelin and Faure Island. It is the largest
  • Navarino Island and north of Cape Horn and east of the Hoste Island. The islands are Grevy, Bayly, Wollaston and Freycinet as well as the islets Dedalo
  • its original position. In 1818 the Uranie with French explorer Louis de Freycinet who had been an officer in Hamelin s 1801 crew, sent a boat ashore to
  • Redgate and Cape Hamelin are more spread out, and not as easily accessed as some northern breaks. Conto s Beach just north of Cape Freycinet Boranup

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