ⓘ Banksia Creek, Western Australia. Banksia Creek is a watercourse in Western Australia. It is located at 33° 54 9 S 115° 17 43 E, about 25 kilometres south of Bu ..


ⓘ Banksia Creek (Western Australia)

Banksia Creek is a watercourse in Western Australia. It is located at 33° 54 9" S 115° 17 43" E, about 25 kilometres south of Busselton in the Shire of Augusta-Margaret River. A tributary of Margaret River North, it runs in a westerly direction for about two kilometres before joining Margaret River North just south of Canebreak Pool. The name refers to the plant genus Banksia, which grows in the area.

  • Banksia Creek is the name of three watercourses in Australia Banksia Creek Queensland Banksia Creek Victoria Banksia Creek Western Australia
  • Banksia seminuda, commonly known as the river banksia is a tree in the plant genus Banksia It is found in south west Western Australia from Dwellingup
  • Banksia ericifolia, the heath - leaved banksia also known as the lantern banksia or heath banksia is a species of woody shrub of the family Proteaceae
  • Banksia oligantha, commonly known as Wagin banksia is an endangered species in the plant family Proteaceae endemic to south west Western Australia It
  • Australia. It covers 11.9 hectares 29 acres and includes both Banksia attenuata and Banksia menziesii woodland, and a muddy and desert biome. The peninsula
  • Western Australia is the second largest country subdivision in the world. It contains no fewer than 1224 separate Protected Areas with a total area of
  • high diversity of Eucalyptus, Dryandra and Banksia species. BHA: Chereninup Creek Reserve Bush Heritage Australia Coordinates: 34 08 02 S 118 44 17 E 34
  • 33.302 115.733 Millbridge is a northeastern suburb of Bunbury, Western Australia adjoining Eaton 9 km from the centre of Bunbury. Its local government
  • in Western Australia with nearly 2350 students. Willetton is situated between two major east - west routes - Leach Highway west to the Bull Creek railway
  • Leeming is a southern suburb of Perth, Western Australia It is divided between the three local government areas of the City of Melville, the City of
  • Western Australia occupies nearly one third of the Australian continent. Due to the size and the isolation of the state, considerable emphasis has been
  • centre of the Shire of Plantagenet in the Great Southern region of Western Australia At the 2016 census, Mount Barker had a population of 1, 905. The town
  • Cudlee Creek Conservation Park formerly Cudlee Creek National Park Reserve is a protected area located in the Australian state of South Australia in the
  • include the suburbs of Bateman, Bull Creek Leeming. Leeming s feeder primary schools are Banksia Park, Bateman, Bull Creek Leeming, Oberthur and West Leeming
  • supports populations of heath, Mallee and Banksia and many wildflowers. Eucalypt stands can be found to the western end of the park. Other species include
  • variety of sclerophyllous shrubs including the two species of Banksia which occur in South Australia The conservation park is classified as an IUCN Category
  • jarrah, wattle and Western Australian peppermint trees. Further inland, species such as swamp yate, flooded gum and varieties of Banksia and Hakea are found
  • especially on the east coast of Australia Adaptations to fire include lignotubers and epicormic buds in Eucalyptus and Banksia species that allow fast regeneration
  • Mount Ragged, Poison Creek and Deal Creek are only accessible by four - wheel drive vehicles. Protected areas of Western Australia Department of Environment
  • national park in the Shires of Ravensthorpe and the Jerramungup in Western Australia 419 kilometres 260 mi southeast of Perth. The park includes the
  • woodland areas with shrubs typically wattles, callistemons, grevilleas and banksias and sparse grass in the understory, reminiscent of Mediterranean forests

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