ⓘ Banksia Gully is a watercourse in Western Australia, nominally located at 32° 24 S 116° 10 E, about 10 kilometres south east of Jarrahdale in the Shire of Serpe ..


ⓘ Banksia Gully

Banksia Gully is a watercourse in Western Australia, nominally located at 32° 24 S 116° 10 E, about 10 kilometres south east of Jarrahdale in the Shire of Serpentine-Jarrahdale. It is about two kilometres long, and empties into the reservoir of Serpentine Dam.

  • Banksia Park is a north - eastern suburb located 20 km from the city centre of Adelaide, South Australia, within the City of Tea Tree Gully Banksia Park
  • Banksia brownii, commonly known as feather - leaved banksia or Brown s banksia is a species of shrub that grows in southwest Western Australia. Department
  • Banksia oligantha, commonly known as Wagin banksia is an endangered species in the plant family Proteaceae endemic to south west Western Australia. It
  • Banksia saxicola, the rock banksia or Grampians banksia is a species of tree or shrub in the plant genus Banksia It occurs in Victoria in two distinct
  • Banksia wonganensis is a large shrub endemic to Western Australia that, until 2007, was previously known as Dryandra wonganensis. It occurs within a small
  • The Tea Tree Gully District football club is an Australian rules football club located in Banksia Park, South Australia. Tea Tree currently plays in the
  • suburban electorate in north - eastern Adelaide, taking in the suburbs of Banksia Park, Fairview Park, Forreston, Hope Valley, Houghton, Humbug Scrub, Inglewood
  • suburb of Adelaide, South Australia. It is located in the City of Tea Tree Gully local government area, and is adjacent to Wynn Vale, Golden Grove, Fairview
  • reserve is situated in a natural area in what was formerly known as Glebe Gully in Randwick. It is the result of conservation efforts by the Randwick City
  • Route 40. Various street names are used along the highway Banksia Street, Bell - Banksia Link, Bell Street, Manningham Road, and Springvale Road. The
  • such as spiral bush Spirogardnera rubescens The northern variant of Banksia vestita is also common. Land for the national park was set aside by the
  • on the ridges is dominated by typical Sydney sandstone plants, such as Banksia Boronia, Leptospermum, Epacris, Acacia, Flannel Flowers, Christmas Bells
  • a great variety of sclerophyllous shrubs including the two species of Banksia which occur in South Australia. The conservation park is classified as
  • often in association with Melaleuca rhaphiophylla and Banksia prionotes, between Cockleshell Gully and Eneabba in the Geraldton Sandplains and Swan Coastal
  • Morning near Heidelberg, 1866 20. Walter Withers, Tranquil Winter, 1895 Banksia Park 200m 21. Arthur Streeton, Spring, 1890 22. Tom Roberts, Quiet Stream
  • the south and Port Wakefield Road in the west, including the suburbs of Banksia Park, Fairview Park, Golden Grove, Greenwith, Gulfview Heights, Ingle Farm
  • shorelines are steep, rocky cliff faces with erosion gullies on the northern side. The gullies are both caused and used by the little penguins whose
  • the west side of King George Sound and consists of a range of cliffs, gullies blowholes, beaches and promontories. The area is composed of three major
  • the principal vegetation being a low Eucalyptus baxteri open forest over banksia scrub. This habitat supports a wide variety of bird species including the
  • multi - stemmed eucalypts and the shrubs and grasses associated with them. Banksias waratahs and grevilleas family Proteaceae Callistemon, Leptospermum
  • warmer period. There are also non - rainforest areas which include grassland, banksia woodland and eucalyptus forest with tallowwood, blackbutt, and Sydney blue
  • Hundred of Yatala by agreement between the District Council of Tea Tree Gully the Postmaster General and the Nomenclature Committee at the time. Property

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