ⓘ Calgardup Bay, Western Australia. Calgardup Bay is located in the Australian state of Western Australia, 10 km south-west of the town of Margaret River. The tou ..


ⓘ Calgardup Bay (Western Australia)

Calgardup Bay is located in the Australian state of Western Australia, 10 km south-west of the town of Margaret River. The tourist resort of Prevelly is located at the northern end of the bay.

In 1876, the SS Georgette was wrecked in Calgardup Bay and an outline of rusting remains of the hull can still be seen off Redgate beach.

It is located in an area between Capes Naturaliste and Leeuwin - where most points and bays have suitable conditions for surfing.

  • South West region of Western Australia It is located on the coast at the mouth of Margaret River at the northern end of Calgardup Bay At the 2011 census
  • in Australia offering partial disabled access. The other five caves open to the public in the area are Jewel Cave, Lake Cave, Ngilgi Cave, Calgardup Cave
  • save the lives of around 50 people as the SS Georgette sunk off nearby Calgardup Bay The property went out of the Bussell family in 1896, when it was sold
  • Gem, Australian cutter, off Rottnest island 1876 Hero of the Nile, British barque, near Rockingham 1876 SS Georgette Australian steamer, Calgardup Gully
  • West Arumvale Pipe and Arumvale Cave Beenup Cave Blackboy Hollow Bride Calgardup Cowarumup Cave Deeondeeup Cave Devils Lair and Nannup Cave Dingo Cave
  • lost. Georgette continued to drift until she drifted into the surf at Calgardup Bay where she was seen by the Bussell family s Aboriginal stockman, Sam
  • Database. Emergency Management Australia Archived from the original on 23 October 2007. Retrieved 22 February 2006. Bathurst Bay Qld: Cyclone incl Storm
  • This is a list of karst features in Western Australia It includes all named features that occur in the Australian Speleological Federation Karst Index
  • Australia Australian National Shipwreck Database List of unidentified shipwrecks in Australian waters List of 17th - century shipwrecks in Australia The
  • 1876 Ship Country Description Georgette Western Australia The steamship sank in storm in Calgardup Bay Western Australia with the loss of 12 lives.

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